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How to Choose Lead Generation Form Fields

We’ve talked about whether or not to gate your content. If you require visitors to give up their information via your lead generation form, then the content you give them better be of equal worth. But how do you determine what kind of content is...

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Inbound Marketing for Fintech; Is This a Viable Way to Generate Leads, Revenue and Company Viability?

Financial technology is a red-hot space these days. According to CB Insights, through the third quarter of 2017, more than 800 companies received more than $12 billion in VC funding globally. That’s a lot of new technology coming to market, creating...

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Offer - Case Study on Kodak's Chief Packaging Officer: Thought Leadership That Filled the Pipeline

What do you do with a 100-plus-year-old company after it changes from a consumer product manufacturer to a B2B company? Kodak had been fighting to reestablish itself as an expert in material science, imaging, photography and film. Its new customers?...

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3 Key Insights from Advertising Content for Lead Generation Webinar

We hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July holiday!

As part of our Inbound Journalism series, #TheBrandPublisher's 6/29 episode with Spider Graham encapsulated an important segment of the content publishing process. For marketers who create and ...

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How to Improve Quality of Email Lists, both Purchased and Home Grown

Plus: Professional Insight into Building Your Own Lists

Purchasing a list of contacts is a completely valid lead generation strategy. Marketers purchase lists when their own prospect lists are not sufficient. Whether it’s used for event recruiting...

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The New “Bingo Card” – How Lead Qualification from the Age of Print Became Digital

Before inbound marketing became king, print advertising and physical direct mail dominated B2B lead generation. Up until about five years ago, most trade publications offered a reader service – or “bingo” – card in their magazines. Each advertiser...

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Our Favorite Bottom-of-Funnel (BoFu) Type of Premium Content for Inbound Marketing: The Model RFP

Writing an RFP, or request for proposal, can seem overwhelming, even to industry experts. A model RFP provides a template and sample questions that cover the most valuable information a buyer might seek. The Model RFP is a shortcut to solid bids for...

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Thoughts on IBM's 'Thoughts on Cloud'

Austin Lawrence is proud to sponsor and present the New York Inbound Marketing Professionals Meetup, a platform agnostic working group for inbound marketing professionals. Regardless of your inbound marketing software the NYIMP provides a venue...

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LinkedIn Lead Accelerator is Not Enough; You Need Direct Lead Generation to Monetize Thought Leadership Investment

Not All Lead Generation is Equal

Every B2B marketer knows that the purchase process is becoming more and more complex and generating leads has become correspondingly more difficult. With an array of tools to choose from, it’s important to...

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Content is Your Brand and a Good Source of Leads

But you have to manage content effectively to motivate people and get results.

Coming out of #INBOUND15, sitting through sessions and listening to questions, one of my takeaways is that one of the hardest things for many b2b marketers today to...

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