Being a brand publisher is different than promoting products on your blog. It’s about leading those who might do business with you to believe in your strategic thinking on a wide range of topics. The Brand Publisher looks at what it takes to succeed as a ROI-focused publisher of content that will have value to your customers and prospects.

HubSpot Tips & Tricks: Getting Data into a HubSpot Form from an Outside System by Passing Parameters in the URL

Sometimes there’s data outside of HubSpot that you want to get into the system to enrich the quality of your lead data, help with reporting or drive lead distribution in or another CRM. It should be easy to do (and it is), but...

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Ten Inbound Marketing Things You Can Do This Week

Those who attended our Inbound Marketing Deep Dive last week discovered that content marketing is effective and labor intensive... Our research and practical experience shows that when done right it is well worth the effort. To do Inbound...

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Landing Pages Are Like Ballots: Get out the vote with good design

As a marketing professional, I respect good design when I see it and I know the impact bad design can have on the outcomes we achieve. At the end of the day, creativity is nice and technology can be amazingly cool, but what I care about  is ROI…...

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B2B Content Marketing without a Lead Conversion Strategy is a Waste of Time and Money (You Just Don't Know How Much).

I believe in thought leadership. Really, I do.  But this kind of marketing is often managed as a pet project or viewed as being somehow outside the new norms of ROI-based marketing.  The problem for everyone who builds and cares for content...

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B2B Webinar ROI Made Easy: 14 Best Practices for B2B Lead Generation

Webinars, like any lead generation tactic, can be a good or not-so-good performer on the ROI scale.  And there's nothing like an empty room (virtual or real) to create tension with senior management.  Conversely, fill the "room" with a large...

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