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Don’t Ask, “How Big Is Your Agency?” Ask Instead, “How Big Are the Ideas You’ve Brought to Your Clients?”

What are the smart questions to ask as you’re hiring an agency? Read my POV in this post.

It’s the rare B2B marketing situation that calls for a major-league agency. The answers to most B2B challenges are relatively confined campaigns that target a...

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What Should a Contract with My Marketing Agency Look Like?

Say you’re deep in the selection process for hiring a new agency partner. You have dug into this agency deeply and know it has the capability and domain experience, and you like the team, but it’s important that it conducts business the same way as...

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5 Things to Ask A Content Marketing Agency Before You Hire It

You’ve done your research, conducted interviews and identified a short list of content marketing agencies you’re interested in working with. Now it’s time to start asking more discerning questions so you can narrow the field and select a partner....

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12 Considerations When Choosing Between Two Inbound Marketing Agencies

Picking an agency is a momentous decision and usually comes at a time of change in the organization. Maybe you are a new marketing leader, or there’s a new CEO who has a different vision. Or maybe you’re just not achieving your goals with the agency...

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What's the value of developing a relationship with your (Inbound) Marketing agency?

If your Inbound Marketing agency is any good at what they do, you get so much more than you pay for.

But your perception of value significantly depends on whether or not your modus operandi is to value and leverage relationships. I realize that in...

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