Being a brand publisher is different than promoting products on your blog. It’s about leading those who might do business with you to believe in your strategic thinking on a wide range of topics. The Brand Publisher looks at what it takes to succeed as a ROI-focused publisher of content that will have value to your customers and prospects.

To Succeed as a Thought Leader, the Content of Your Blogging and Public Speaking Must Extend Beyond What You Sell

Thought leadership is a mercurial currency. It’s subjective; though there are some measures we all rely upon — like the number of followers on social media or views on YouTube. Some thought leaders are widely acclaimed and acknowledged (think...

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How Can Content Marketing Make Your Company More Saleable?

As an entrepreneur, you know that the higher the return on assets your company has, the more valuable the business will be when it’s time to sell. Intangible assets can make your company a more solid investment if the buyer believes these assets...

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Content Quality Versus Quantity: What’s the Balance for B2B Blogging?

If you’ve been responsible for content marketing strategy in any way, you’re already familiar with the classic Quality vs. Quantity content debate. Marketers often frame it as a dichotomous question: Is it better to prioritize fewer pieces of...

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Think Like a Publisher With Inbound Journalism

“Think like a publisher or perish…” That was the subhead for our Inbound Journalism webinar a couple months ago. Publishing is the business side of content marketing, inbound marketing and account-based marketing approaches in vogue today....

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Inbound Journalism Six Elements for Success: 1. The Big Idea

Why You Need a Big, North Star Idea to Guide Your Publishing Efforts

We here at Austin Lawrence have been hard at work developing Inbound Journalism, our proven go-to-market strategy that urges brands to think like a publisher. During our...

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Think Like a Publisher: 6 Ways to Drive Lead Generation and ROI w/ Inbound Journalism - April 21 AMA Presentation Video & Free Toolkit

"67% percent of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally… and online searches are executives’ first course of action (just like everyone else).” ~ SiriusDecisions

What's a Chief Marketing Officer to do? Clearly, in this environment you have to...

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04/14 Inbound Journalism Blab With Art Jones

Last Thursday, I was interviewed by Art Jones about Inbound Journalism. Art stumbled upon an "Office Hour" Blab Ken Lempit and were doing and invited me on his Blab a few weeks later. 



Art (@ArtJones) is a brand, marketing & sales...

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Presenting Inbound Journalism to a NYU Marketing Class; The Big Question, "Can We Trust Brand Publishers on The Internet?"

Last Thursday, I was a guest lecturer at NYU for Professor Terry McCarthy's Integrated Marketing class.  I always love doing this with Professor McCarthy because, as much as I enjoy teaching, I end up learning something from the experience.  This...

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