Being a brand publisher is different than promoting products on your blog. It’s about leading those who might do business with you to believe in your strategic thinking on a wide range of topics. The Brand Publisher looks at what it takes to succeed as a ROI-focused publisher of content that will have value to your customers and prospects.

7 Landing Page Best Practices You May Be Overlooking

What are the landing page best practices for 2019? How can you make major improvements to your existing landing pages to improve conversion rates?

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LinkedIn Lead Accelerator is Not Enough; You Need Direct Lead Generation to Monetize Thought Leadership Investment

Not All Lead Generation is Equal

Every B2B marketer knows that the purchase process is becoming more and more complex and generating leads has become correspondingly more difficult. With an array of tools to choose from, it’s important to...

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Landing Pages Are Like Ballots: Get out the vote with good design

As a marketing professional, I respect good design when I see it and I know the impact bad design can have on the outcomes we achieve. At the end of the day, creativity is nice and technology can be amazingly cool, but what I care about  is ROI…...

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