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Why Personas Matter for B2B Inbound Marketing: Microsoft and Marketing the Surface Tablet

If you’re like me, you watched the TV commercials introducing the Microsoft Surface and had absolutely no idea why you might want one. The harshly syncopated music and stop action video conveyed no sense of how this new product might fit into my...

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Inbound Marketing Number Crunching: Content Drives Traffic, Leads

One of the benefits of using an inbound marketing / marketing automation platform like HubSpot is that they share a lot of data. And because all users of HubSpot contribute their marketing data, HubSpot has a lot of data to draw upon for its...

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My SEO is Better than Your SEO: Vanity Measures of Site Performance vs. Marketing ROI

Vanity measures of marketing success, like raw traffic and SEO / keyword ranking are a distracting side show.  They're noise.  It doesn't matter how much site traffic you generate if you can't connect it to sales achieved.  

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The Case for Gray-Haired Marketers in a World of Marketing Automation.

Marketing is a schizophrenic discipline. When clients search for an agency, they invariably ask the agency to provide examples of experience in their category or vertical market. They outright ask, "What do you know about our business?" So, it seems...

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