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Nobody’s Perfect. And Neither is Your Inbound Marketing Campaign.

Whenever I attend a Webinar or read a great blog post on Inbound Marketing best practices, I get fired up to start adding the new strategies and tactics I've learned for our own and our clients' Inbound Marketing campaigns. Sometimes these new...

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Engagement is for Weenies: Better to Focus Your Content Marketing on Sales and ROI

What is the first thing you need to be in business? A customer. Until that occurs, you are a project manager or building out your start-up. In the beginning, customers come from referrals. Eventually, you need to create a systematic way to attract...

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Landing Pages Are Like Ballots: Get out the vote with good design

As a marketing professional, I respect good design when I see it and I know the impact bad design can have on the outcomes we achieve. At the end of the day, creativity is nice and technology can be amazingly cool, but what I care aboutis ROI… and...

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B2B Inbound Lead Handling - Coach Inside Sales to Improve ROI from Inbound Marketing

I was recently meeting with one of our clients to dig deeper into the findings of its first Inbound Marketing ROI report when we realized that the inside sales reps weren't converting a lot of the leads we were generating into sales. In fact, many...

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How Inbound Marketing Can Reach Senior Executives, Many of Whom aren't Online.

At last week's HubSpot User Group meeting in Stamford, there was a great question from one of our attendees. She asked, "how can I use Inbound Marketing to reach CIOs, many of whom are not online?" Her company is in a mature B2B market where there...

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Let's Put an End to Hope in Lead Generation. B2B Inbound Marketing Puts ROI Front-and-Center.

I get a queasy feeling in my stomach every time I make a media buy for a client when lead generation is the goal of the exercise. Unless the deal is pure cost-per-action or cost-per-lead, or we are repeating a buy, we just don't know what the...

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According to Webinar Recruitment Best Practices Guide from ON24, 64% Register Week of your Event!

One of the more popular posts on our blog (and a download we offer on this page) is our 14 best practices for B2B Webinar ROI.

We're planning a series of Webinars for a client, four over a two-month period, and they're looking to reduce the cost of...

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Inbound Marketing Number Crunching: Content Drives Traffic, Leads

One of the benefits of using an inbound marketing / marketing automation platform like HubSpot is that they share a lot of data. And because all users of HubSpot contribute their marketing data, HubSpot has a lot of data to draw upon for its...

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Where’s the creativity in scientific marketing?

In a post that’s written so well, I wish that I’d written it, Scott Brinker makes a point that I’ve become somewhat famous for… for saying too often. That there’s more to marketing than bean counting; you can’t procure a great idea. The scientific...

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