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Inbound Marketing Number Crunching: Content Drives Traffic, Leads

online lead generation inbound marketing number crunching

One of the benefits of using an inbound marketing / marketing automation platform like HubSpot is that they share a lot of data.  And because all users of HubSpot contribute their marketing data, HubSpot has a lot of data to draw upon for its reports and marketing materials.

We're big believers in accountable marketing.  That is, to the extent possible, everything we do is driven by numbers.  We rely as little as possible on rules of thumb, marketing maxims, etc.  While we strive to be creative, we want that creativity to be tested against all our other ideas, and let the best idea win.

In that spirit, we offer you a free report on what leads to success in online lead generation.  And unsurprisingly, numbers have a lot to do with success.  How often you blog is directly related to how many leads you generate.  So is the number of Web pages on your Website, and if you have landing pages.  To a certain extent, the more the merrier with all forms of content.In the old way of doing things it was hard to justify marketing budgets because you couldn't justify each activity, set of activities, campaigns, etc.  In the new world of inbound marketing with HubSpot you can be as fine-grained as you like with measurement, and it's easy to roll-up your reporting as needed.


So please feel free to download our free online marketing success factors report.  You'll find the crunch of the numbers satisfying indeed.  

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