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Update to Our Most Popular eBook: B2B Webinar Best Practices

Download Our Webinar Best Practices Guide to Maximize Revenue Generation Potential

Webinars remain one of the best lead generation tools available for B2B companies. According to InsideSales, 73% of B2B marketing and sales leaders say webinars are the best way to generate high-quality leads.

However, webinars require a considerable amount of time and effort to pull off, and in-house teams may lack the skills and experience needed to confidently execute webinars on their own. 

That’s why we updated our most popular download for 2019, “B2B Webinar ROI Best Practices.” This eBook walks through every step of the process, starting from positioning your topic and ending with post-event marketing. We hope that this guide boosts your confidence and gives you the knowledge you need to put on a great show. 

Click here to download the eBook

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This guide covers how to: 

  • Choose a great webinar topic 
  • Craft your webinar marketing message
  • Leverage email marketing to increase registration rates
  • Augment your list with a media partner
  • Lead your co-presenters and subject matter experts
  • Repackage your webinar replay for lead gen content

And more.

Click here to download the updated webinar best practices eBook. 

Download Webinar Best Practices eBook

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