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#TheBrandPublisher - Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development with Brynne Tillman, May 23 at Noon

headshot_low_res_cropped_border.jpgThe struggle for marketers and sales teams to get in front of their ideal prospects in a coordinated manner has never been more challenging. Most companies that have jumped on the content marketing bandwagon and employed marketing automation tools still need to find more effective ways to reach, engage and convert their audience into hard dollars by getting prospects to talk to a salesperson. A well-defined sales methodology is needed in order to make content marketing and brand publishing a success.

If you identify with these challenges, please join us on Tuesday, May 23rd at 12pm EST and learn how to:

  • Convert LinkedIn profiles from a resume to a resource
  • Use content to engage your network and lead to your solution
  • Leverage your network to gain access to targeted decision makers

Joining us is Ms. Brynne Tillman, CEO of Social Sales Link. Brynne is a trainer and coach, a national LinkedIn speaker, and LinkedIn Author of the books LinkedIn & Social Selling for Business Development and The LinkedIn Sales Playbook: A Tactical Guide to Social Selling.

Learn How to Get from "Hi" to "Yes" Using LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a fast track to building new account relationships. But merely planting seeds does not guarantee a bountiful harvest unless the farmer takes the time to nurture the sprout. Similarly, relationships aren't built overnight. Knowing the market and who the key players are in the buying process enables marketers and sales to make a systematic approach to sharing content and opening conversations with potential customers.

Brynne is going to share her secrets for success and conduct a live demo of how marketers and sales can unlock the features of LinkedIn to build a healthy sales pipeline and convert prospects into new business. She is going to demonstrate LinkedIn skills such as how to:

  • Use the powerful LinkedIn search functionality that makes it easy to identify and zero-in on the people who are involved in any sales decision-making process.

  • Send effective connection requests to prospects.

  • Make your brand visible and gain sustained exposure.

We'll also spend some time to get to know what motivates Brynne to do what she does and ask her to share some of the insights she's gained as a sales trainer turned LinkedIn expert.

Join us on Tuesday, May 23rd from 12pm-1pm EST and learn from our guest speaker, Brynne Tillman.

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