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What is Account-based Marketing and How Can It Help Align Sales and Marketing to Focus on High Value Customers?

Around since the mid-1990s, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a marketing strategy that has recently come to the forefront of B2B marketing. It is a recognition that for companies it is not economic to depend on having unknown customers "find them."...

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Content2Revenue vs. Brand Journalism: ROI Focus Makes All the Difference

Marketing is becoming like the fashion business. There are incremental changes and long-term alterations, or modifications that are permanent. The Internet and Google have transformed the marketing, precipitating its own unique set of trends. Fads...

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How to Use Podcasting to Create Content and Drive Inbound Leads

Austin Lawrence is proud to sponsor and present the New York Inbound Marketing Professinals Meetup, a platform agnostic working group for inbound marketing professionals. Regardless of your inbound marketing software the NYIMP provides a venue to...

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As goes the economy, so goes marketing. Be prepared for growth; Go digital to build your pipeline.

A few weeks ago, Rae D. Rosen, vice president and senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, was the keynote speaker at an event I attended. While almost none of the world economies escaped being clobbered by the economic recession in...

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What's the Value of Investing in Your Brand?

This is a bit of a shaggy dog story, so please bear with me. One of our kids totaled our 2005 Subaru Legacy Wagon. And everyone's alright (the most important thing of all - and thank you, dear reader, for your concern). This wasn't a marketing story...

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What is B2B Inbound Marketing, Anyway?

Imagine if you went to the Apple Store, and there were no salespeople present. No Genius Bar. No staff at all. Would it still be the highest grossing retail store on the planet? Not likely. Though with all those goodies left unattended, most of them...

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The Case for Gray-Haired Marketers in a World of Marketing Automation.

Marketing is a schizophrenic discipline. When clients search for an agency, they invariably ask the agency to provide examples of experience in their category or vertical market. They outright ask, "What do you know about our business?" So, it seems...

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