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My SEO is Better than Your SEO: Vanity Measures of Site Performance vs. Marketing ROI

Website traffic and SEO are not the relevant measures of successVanity measures of marketing success, like raw traffic and SEO / keyword ranking are a distracting side show.  They're noise.  It doesn't matter how much site traffic you generate if you can't connect it to sales achieved.  

You absolutely want to increase your Website traffic.  But, the only way to convert site visitors into revenue is to have a lead nurturing and conversion strategy connected to a closed-loop marketing and sales reporting system (we're HubSpot VARs and also have implemented lead nurturing on Eloqua for our clients).  Anything else leaves marketing investment to subjective judgement.  Put the disciplines of inbound marketing to work and you'll be able to tie-back specific customer wins to marketing activities.  And you'll be able to show ROI on marketing.  

There's an enormous amount of research and coaching available online to help make the case within your company.  And we have some great resources here, too.  Feel free to download them (after registration) and you can experience first-hand what inbound marketing is all about.

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