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Welcome Wireless Integrator RESOLUTE Partners

Most of our blog posts provide how-to and why-to perspectives on Inbound Marketing, and explore how websites can be engineered to deliver new business opportunities for you. This one is not.

It's been so very cold in the Northeast – this photo was taken as this was written – that we’re all about bringing about some change. So we’ve defrosted our brains enough to tell you about the exciting work we are doing with one of our clients, RESOLUTE Partners, a systems integrator that specializes in advanced wireless networks. 


One of the cool things about what we do every day is that we get to work with companies like Resolute who do amazing things to make people's lives better and more productive. Our goal is to connect them with customers who need their services. The following outlines how we've gone about just that.

First, we completed a company rebranding initiative, including new logo design, tagline, messaging strategy, and customer stories. Then, we launched a new website and Inbound Marketing campaign for them.

RESOLUTE-logo-on-siteAs much as the new website and company logo are the endpoint of our initial project, it is actually the beginning of the Inbound Marketing journey for Resolute.

Resolute designs and builds large-scale, industrial strength, highly secure, wireless solutions where geography, weather and scale require highly specialized knowledge. This led them to focus on three niches:  

  • Future-ReadyTM Wi-Fi Networks - Design, build and provide ongoing support for guest Wi-Fi building- and campus-wide Wi-Fi and college ResNet networks.
  • Energy Management & Control - Provide energy management and control systems networks that offer extreme reliability, high availability and secure connectivity.
  • Rural Broadband - Provide multi-tower wireless networks to deliver broadband Internet access to communities previously “off the grid.”

To a small, but well defined niche, they offer a highly valuable service. The target audiences for Resolute’s marketing efforts are prime contractors serving government and industry, government agencies and commercial enterprises that may contract directly for these services. 

We assist Resolute by executing on a weekly cycle to continuously create new content, and drive new opportunities. We modeled their pipeline, and based our content strategy on more than a dozen target buyer persona interviews, keyword analysis and search marketing research, as well as analysis from industry competitors.

The first premium content item we prepared for launch was a case study about their installation at the US Marines base at 29 Palms. You can learn more by downloading the case study. We’ll develop additional downloads for them just about every month, creating additional lead generation opportunities, and worthy content for their site visitors, too.  

So, congratulations RESOLUTE Partners! You do all the amazing work that leads to the great stories we get to tell. We are proud to be a part of your team, as we've learned firsthand from our many interviews how you help your customers solve the really big netoworking challenges. We look forward to working with you to find new opportunities publishing targeted content of interest to your buyers and helping you grow your business in the months and years to come. 

If you would like to make such an impact in your market, we would be pleased to provide you an Inbound Marketing Assessment (IMA), or a one-day strategy design workshop, to get the ball rolling. Our custom diagnostic within the IMA will demonstrate for you the audience economics you need to achieve with your Website based on your unique sales funnel. The IMA also offers a competitor review, benchmarks against best practices and a recommended program to fill your pipeline. It is a valuable tool and we invite you to give it a look. One-day workshops are great for all these reasons, and are customized to get your entire team on the same page from the outset. Tell us your needs and we’ll design a business building program for you.

Good luck and good marketing!

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