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HubSpot User Group Case Study: Building a State-of-the-Art SaaS

Bryce Curry of Cole Information shares how HubSpot supports its growth ambitions

We’ve been focusing on case studies at the HubSpot User Group in Stamford, CT, and they’ve proven to be among our most popular format for the HUG. For our December 2019 HUG, Bryce Curry, VP of Marketing at Cole Information presented how implementing HubSpot in sales, marketing and customer success is supporting its strategic plans to accelerate growth in the business.

Cole Information was founded in 1947 as a directory company, providing homeowner contact, mailing and demographic information in printed reverse directories used by real estate and insurance salespeople. It is nearly complete in its transition from printed directories to a SaaS subscription business.

In this in-depth case study presentation, Bryce talks about:

  • Moving the firm to a SaaS model
  • Deep dive on sources of churn 
  • Vision for the future of Cole and infrastructure changes needed
  • Deciding to move to HubSpot
  • Initial results in sales and customer success
  • Subscription billing integration between Chargify and HubSpot

I think it’s important that we all share what we learn in the use of HubSpot. Most end users are in non-competitive industries, so sharing best practices (and learning from your peers) can only benefit you and your organization. Attending a HUG also is a great place to expand your network, which is best accomplished before you really need it (e.g., in support of a job hunt).

Presenting your case study is a great way to raise your personal profile, since at our HUG we promote to more than 400 area firms that use HubSpot, as well as on social media (you’re gonna be a star). Importantly, the HUG is open and free to all attendees, including current and potential HubSpot users and agency partners.

You can replay the HUG case study presentation at this link or by clicking the button below.

Replay the HUG Video
If you are interested in learning more about how we helped Cole build a state-of-the-art SaaS, click here to access my calendar. I’d be pleased to explore your situation and see if we can help you to prepare your organization for even greater success.

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