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How To Make HubSpot Integrations Work For You


Did you know HubSpot integrates with over 30 different tools to help you improve marketing, sales, and support with your customers? Join us Tuesday, August 4th for a discussion about the most popular and useful integrations and how to make them work for your business. 

Since HubSpot is already a powerful marketing automation tool, taking advantage of its integration partners can really super-charge your marketing efforts. From e-commerce and electronic signatures to CRMs and marketing tools, there are a wide array of integrations on offer. Our upcoming Hubspot User Group session will discuss how to make some of the more popular ones help you reach your business objectives. We'll also hear from representatives of ReadyTalk and UberFlip about maximizing their integrations. 



ReadyTalk Webinar services through ReadyTalk's Conference Center can integrate with HubSpot to increase accuracy and move leads through the funnel faster.

  • With the integration you can: Create an "add to calendar" feature for registration e-mails to drive attendance
  • Capture registration and polling details within HubSpot to create SmartLists for more targeted follow up
  • Easily record a high quality version of the webinar to use as a premium content item on your site or distribute to attendees


Put your content to work with this service which centralizes and tailors content into a stronger user experience. With the integration you can:

  • Build custom reports to better understand the impact of your content
  • Use lead scoring that incorporates cross-content engagement
  • Trigger lead nurturing campaigns based on content consumption 


We'll be meeting at Sacred Heart University's Stamford Campus, August 4, 2015 from 6 to 8 PM and starting the evening with networking over pizza and soft drinks.  Additional information and directions are available here.

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