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Content Marketing for CEOs Looking to Boost Sales and Increase the Value of Their Business [FREE DOWNLOAD]

CEOs and founders preparing their companies for liquidity events understand the importance of repeatability in revenue. What some may not appreciate is the value content marketing has in ensuring revenue is scalable and repeatable with or without the owner in place. 

Unfortunately, too many owners prioritize immediate, short-term sales and revenue over creating a sales and marketing engine that is built to last. While revenue is an important factor in valuing a company, there are a number of factors that determine where on the spectrum a company’s value will fall. Growth rate, sales efficiency and brand value are all key indicators of a company’s future worth.

Aligning your sales processes with content and inbound marketing is proven to provide faster revenue growth, higher quality lead generation and a more consistent sales pipeline. By approaching content marketing from the start with the clear goal of powering sales and growing your company value, you can make sure your efforts are put into only the content marketing channels that will produce the best ROI.

Which inbound and content marketing strategies should you focus on? How can you best align sales and marketing to achieve these goals? Our newest guide, Content Marketing for CEOs, is designed specifically for CEOs and founders of companies looking to answer these questions.

This eBook covers:

  • Key metrics for owners looking to position their business for a sale
  • Importance of a business-focused sales and marketing approach vs a personal sales approach
  • How inbound marketing can be used to boost sales lead generation
  • The role of content marketing in boosting sales enablement
  • Using an integrated sales and marketing automation platform to align sales and marketing

Ready to increase your lead generation and close more sales, all while positioning your company for an exit? Download this guide today to build a content marketing system designed to achieve those goals.

Get the Guide to Content Marketing for CEOs

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